‚Äč1. Is PTK a Fraternity/Sorority? 
No, PTK is an Honor Society for two-year colleges. Two-year colleges do not have Fraternities nor Sororities.

2. How much do I have to do to be considered an active member?
Participate in events and come to meetings whenever you can. We understand that life is busy. However, a little participation does go a long way!

3.When are the meetings?
Our meetings are held on Thursdays in the EEC room (near the gym) from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.

4. What can I do to gain hours?
Participate in activities and events that we host. You can also donate things like food, napkins, cups, and gloves for PTKafe. We also accept homemade!

5. Who do I ask for more information about PTK?
Any current officers and advisors will answer any questions and concerns you have.

6. Who do I go to for help on my scholarship application?
Anyone in the chapter can help you, but the scholarship hallmark can guide you on you resume, essays and they can also help you find more scholarships.

7. Where is your office/lounge located?
Union County College Cranford Campus, Humanities Building, room H-104.

Frequently asked questions