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5 star competitive edge program



· Articles and Readings
· Videos
· Quizzes on Readings and Videos
· Personal Reflection Journal

· Good Writing in a Techno World
· Making Presentations
· Overcoming Speech Anxiety
· Critical Thinking
· Researching Anything
· Body Language
· Professional Etiquette

· Five Star Pin
· Five Star Program Completion Certificate
· Congratulatory Email
· Soft Skills
· Distinctness from other Kappans

If you are having trouble getting started or overcoming writer's block, please do not hesitate to email or visit us in our lounge (room H-104) in the Cranford campus.

Vice President of Leadership: 
Edward Gaskin

what you get

A professional development plan to enhance your marketable skills to make you more competitive for scholarships, transferring and careers.

· Communication skills;
· Interpersonal skills;
· Critical thinking/research skills;
· Cultural awareness;
· Planning/organizing;
· Emotional Intelligence;
· Professional etiquette.

· Strengthens your soft skills;

· Creates a career development plan;

· Looks good on your resume;

· Helps with letters of recommendation (from advisors and headquarters);

· CollegeFish scholarships take note of this program;

· You gain a competitive advantage!